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My Drink Designer

We are in the business of making people happy. From unrivaled customer service, to delicious beverages, we want to make sure you are getting what you deserve.

Not only should you enjoy what you are drinking, you should also enjoy what you are drinking from. It's always nice to share a special drink with that special someone in a special way. 

With, you can customize a can or stubby bottle for your next event! First, visit Select your occasion, then select your template, the quantity, and beverage. You can change images, edit text, and adjust colours within your template. 


Make your party stand out, or surprise a friend with a custom 12-pack of craft beer, vodka soda, cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage. Never settle for ordinary again.

Looking for design support?

Send a note using the form below and we can help you develop a label. We can use an existing template or create a new design.  

What are your options?

First, choose from a 355mL can, 355mL stubby bottle. Minimum order is a 12-pack.

Then, tell us what you'd like inside: 

  • Lime Vodka Soda - 5% alc.

  • Mango Vodka Soda - 5% alc.

  • Black Cherry Vodka Soda - 5% alc.

  • Grapefruit Vodka Soda - 5% alc.

  • Pilsner - 5% alc.

  • Moscow Mule - 6% alc.

  • Still or sparkling water 

  • Non-alcoholic beverage of your choice 

We'll work together on the label and within days we'll deliver to your door. 

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